Webinar: Healing the Healers

Join Dr. Sheila Boamah on November 15, 2022, for the webinar, Healing the Healers: Addressing burnout and mental health concerns among healthcare workers in long-term care, and then join in a discussion to share your experience and insight on how to better support healthcare workers in this sector. In this free webinar, Dr. Boamah will discuss … Read more

Researcher Spotlight: Sheila Boamah

By Guylaine Spencer. Reprinted from McMaster University School of Nursing. When Dr. Sheila Boamah joined the McMaster School of Nursing in 2020, she brought with her a wealth of research expertise in the area of leadership.   Her passion for the subject stems from her own clinical practice as a nurse. “I became interested in the … Read more

CIHR funds research into palliative care during COVID-19

A new project to implement and scale up the long-term care palliative toolkit during COVID-19 has been taken on by School of Nursing professor Sharon Kaasalainen with new funds from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).  The project was one of 14 CIHR implementation science teams of researchers across Canada to share an additional … Read more

Nursing faculty shortage is the focus of a new research project

Dr. Sheila Boamah is the lead researcher on a new research project, “Exploring Female Faculty Perspectives on Worklife and Strategies for Academic Mentorship.” She and her colleagues in the School of Nursing, Drs. Nancy Carter and Joanna Pierazzo, have been awarded a grant from MERIT’s Academic Mentorship Research Starter Fund. MERIT stands for McMaster Education … Read more

Grant will fund research on resident-to-resident aggression in long-term care

Associate professor Dr. Pam Baxter is the principal investigator on a new grant from Sigma Theta Tau International. Assistant professor Dr. Sheila Boamah is also co-investigator. Researchers will be examining how nurse leaders deal with a pressing issue in long-term care. “The funding from Sigma Theta Tau International is significant because it allows us to … Read more