Carer’s Project

Title of Study: Caring for the Carers: Approaches to promoting social inclusion and mental health

Principal Investigator and Affiliation: Dr. Sheila Boamah, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University

Study Team/Co-Investigator(s): Drs. Godwin Arku, Brenda Vrkljan, and Farinaz Havaei. Affiliation/Department: Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University, and University of British Columbia

Sponsor: The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Recruitment: The Carers Project team at McMaster University is inviting all caregivers/care partners in Ontario to join a research study to co-develop strategies and interventions to improve caregiver’s mental health and resources to combat social isolation. To learn more about the study and/or to participate, please click on the Carer’s Project link. Thank you!

Want more Information: If you want to learn more about the research study or have specific questions, please contact us at: