Research Program

iLIVE: Inspiring Leaders to Innovate with Vision, Equity and Excellence

Research Goals

The goals of Dr. Boamah’s research program are to:

  • improve health system efficiency and quality of care/life for patients and practitioners;
  • develop, test and share transformative strategies and interventions that can optimize patient and family experiences and outcomes by improving how health care is delivered; and
  • continue to train and mentor undergraduate and graduate students in health services research.

Statement of Research Interest

“My primary research interests are in the areas of health system transformation and innovation, and quality and outcomes of underserved populations. Health system transformation involves using innovative approaches to create a more integrated and efficient health care system. Within this domain, my research focuses on understanding the driving factors leading to healthcare transformation and the delivery of innovative and transformative care. My work draws attention to the need for person-centred approaches to health care delivery and effective measures to enhance community-based health and social services for vulnerable and marginalized populations. The unifying themes across the different domains of my research are: i) safety and quality; and ii) equity.

Safety and quality and health equity are paramount to my research orientation. I am driven to better understand how, when, and why individuals, teams, and organizations are able to provide safe and quality care to patients and populations. Another foundational concept in my research is health equity. I draw on science- and justice-based frameworks for promoting health equity and design interventions to enhance organizational capacity to provide equity-oriented health care, particularly for those who experience significant health and social inequities. I explore these issues using diverse methodological and analytical approaches (e.g., photovoice, quality science and structural equation modeling), and employ various theoretical lenses and conceptual models (e.g., critical theory, ecological theory, empowerment theory and systems theory).”

Current Projects

Carer’s Project

Healing the Healers

Completed Projects

Social Inclusion Project

Work Life Project